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EARN Ksh3000($35)

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First and Fast Communication Cycling  uses 2x2 Forced Matrix.The Efforts Of The Group Helps The One Get Two

Receive Ksh3500($45.00) Every Time You Complete Your 2x2 Matrix cycle.You earn for every  6 paid person you introduce.

Our 2x2 Forced Matrix Means With Just 6 Members You Cycle.Cycle Several Times A Day And Earn Unlimited Payments

How To Make Money With our "2x2 Forced Matrix"
1.   Join With a One Time Membership Fee of Only $20(ksh1500) Instant top $4(ksh300) Airtime to your Mobile Phone.
2.   Tell a few friends to get things started, remember you only need two that can get two and you cycle.
3.   When You Cycle the Fast 2x2 Forced Matrix You Automatically Earn $45(ksh3500),and a free automatic re-entry into the matrix to cycle over and over again   Your Referrals Follow You Into Your New Matrices
4.   Instant Payment ksh450 Airtime as you Cycle everytime .

This is A Fast Cycling 2x2 Forced Matrix.The Efforts Of The Group Helps The One Get Two

Lets look at a simple example of the possibilities:This does not include your ksh450 Airtime Top-up.

Unlimited Free Re-Entries = Unlimited Income Potential.

This is a "follow me" automatic re-entry allowing you to cycle over and over from your one time investment

If you are new to online marketing or an experienced guru,First and Fast Communication is your ticket to creating online success!

Membership Payment options.

  1. M-Pesa Pay Bill 

Once you become an active member of First and Fast Communication Airtime, Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet dstribution , you will have a username and password.
You simply log into the secure members area you'll be able to get Basic Internet Marketing and Business Opportunities Training through each simple step...


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